Startup ideas

This is an unordered list of (sometimes terrible) startup ideas I have, and potentially plan to pursue if no else pursues them. Feel free to use of any of these ideas for your next startup, it would make the world a much better place!

Actually accurate weather predictions: a weekly data science competition (think of Numerai), where data scientists try to predict the weather of the following weeks using machine learning models. To participate, they have to stake some funds (a stablecoin for example).

If they successfully predict the weather, they win money in proportion to how right they were and how much funds they staked. If they didn’t predict the weather correctly, they lose money in proportion to how wrong they were and how much funds they staked.

More funds staked means more funds at risk, but also more potential profit. The data provided to the data scientists comes in an encrypted form (see homomorphic encryption) and is provided by external companies.

Once the company has established a monopoly on actually accurate weather predictions, it should launch a Helium-like network where the general public can buy a sensor to track the weather and gather data, and be rewarded for it with cryptocurrency.

This should only be attempted once there is enough revenu to sustain a network like that of hundreds of thousands of sensor operators.

Real-time economy dashboards: think of these COVID-19 map dashboards, but with faster updates and for the economy. You would be able to track the impact of interest rates increases in real time and in specific places. Basically needs to be a Dune-like service, but for the “real” economy.

The Federal Reserve, banks and major companies would be your first clients. Data could come from ChainLink oracles, or a network of incentivized data providers in the region you are initially targetting.

Business model is very simple: free users get access to the dashboard, but with a delay of 24 hours for example, and paid users get instant updates in real time with daily or weekly reports and additional metrics.

Non-misogynistic, non-incel masculine media: there is a real gap in the market at the moment regarding content creators teaching men about masculinity, faterhood and marriage while not giving misogynistic/incel vibes like most current outlets do.

The content would be a mix of stoicism, chivalry and ethics.

It would focus on modernizing these old values and principles.

Business model is simple: a subscription for additional content, ads, writing books and promoting them to the audience, and organizing paid meet-ups (once the community is large enough) where the audience can meet and build relationships.

It should absolutely avoid the clich├ęs like “how to be a gentleman” or “how to dress like a gentleman” and focus on what really matters: principles, values and moral codes.

Cayman-Islands-as-a-service (CIAAS): offer all the fiscal optimizations/structures the rich use to pay as few taxes as possible to the global population.

I have really no idea how to achieve this, though.