If you have to wake up at a certain hour, you aren’t free. If you have debt, you aren’t free. If you can’t leave your job today just because you feel like it, you aren’t free. If you need to follow a certain diet, you aren’t free. If you are worried about how other people think of you, you aren’t free.

Freedom is much harder to get than most people think in that regard. Every action you make marks your unfreedom. Because if you were truly free, you would just sit there and do nothing. Why react to your body being hungry if you are truly free from it, after all? This makes pure freedom impossible to obtain as you will always have your basic living needs. You can, however, become financially, physically, and most importantly mentally free.

Financial freedom is the most valued form of freedom in our society. Who doesn’t want to get rich? Then there is physical freedom, and only then mental freedom. Mental freedom is nearly unheard of, but is the most valuable form of freedom in my view. It’s freedom from the narratives driving the world, from any political or ideological identification and most importantly from your own mind. If you can’t stop thinking, you aren’t free; your mind has total control over you.

We don’t realize it, but we are fed with belief over belief since our childhood. Money is a belief. The government is a belief. Needing a degree to succeed in life is a belief. Our whole world drives around beliefs, and most people take these for facts. Being free from these mental constructs is invaluable and matters much more to me than being financially or physically free.

While most people pursue the three forms of freedom like this: 1. financial 2. physical 3. mental, freedom should be pursued like this, in my opinion: 1. mental 2. physical 3. financial. Having an independent, critical and open mind will allow you to understand importance of the latter two (and how to obtain them), but it doesn’t work the other way around. If you aren’t ready for it, wealth will make you miserable in the end; so there is no point in pursuing it in the first place.

There is actually never a point in a pursuing wealth, but that’s for another time.