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I'm a 19-year-old aspiring entrepreneur who is currently working at Hifi Finance in the marketing team, investing in paradigm shifts at Astrascalla and learning C and C++ at 19.

I started playing with crypto back in mid-2017, made some money during the bubble and lost everything afterwards. My conviction stayed, though, and I became involved in Cardano. I co-founded a stakepool called Proof of Africa back in mid-2019, where I managed the server infrastructure and marketing until we reached around $2-3M in Total Value Locked (TVL).

My involvement in both Cardano and Proof of Africa stopped abruptly when I realized that Ethereum will be the real winner on the long-term, and that the likelihood of Cardano making it was very (very) thin.

Being involved in several communities, I became pretty active in the Mainframe community (which is now Hifi Finance). That led me to become Mainframe's community manager soon after I became 18. I'm still working at Hifi, and since then I have received additional responsibilities primarily centered around content creation.

Soon after joining Hifi, I got into 19. The school is a spin-off of 42 in Paris, where students learn to code without teachers, course material and classes. After having finished 19, I will be focusing on learning Typescript, Solidity and Rust in order to get into smart contract programming.

After spending a short two-month period as the marketing lead at SimpleLogin in 2021, I started my first company: Astrascalla. It was mainly created for fiscal reasons as I work as an independent, but I'm now experimenting with it becoming a sort of tiny (really tiny) investment company with capital spanning over both stocks and cryptocurrencies. It's mainly a way for me to learn being a VC and create theses for my investments.

This blog is a place for me to experiment with content creation, and share my thoughts. I have a lot of interests, which probably comes from the fact that I have always been a curious person. Most of my reasoning and understanding comes from extraordinary minds like Naval Ravikant, Jed McKenna and the Davidson & Rees-Mogg duo.